Our caretakers are at the heart of IPDB.

This is true in both governance and technology.

On the governance side, the caretakers will be the members of the IPDB Foundation, and will be responsible for electing the board of directors responsible for day-to-day decisions on their behalf. 
On the technology side, IPDB relies on the caretakers to run the nodes that store and validate transactions sent to the network.

What makes a caretaker?

We've assembled a group of nodes who will work together to build a free, decentralized and open internet - organizations who were already looking out for the internet and have a long-standing commitment to the decentralized web.

To avoid being under the jurisdiction of a single government, no more than half of the caretakers are in one country. We call this jurisdictional diversity.

To avoid capture by financial interests, the majority of nodes have to be non-for-profit organizations or public benefit corporations, who have serving their mission as a priority over profit. While it doesn’t take money out of the question entirely, it helps mitigate the risk.

The following organizations have agreed to serve as founding caretakers: