Decentralized without dysfunction.

Building an organization that is both decentralized and stable enough to govern itself is not easy. We’ve worked hard to learn from those who came before us, from the DNS to The DAO. 

We held a workshop for our caretakers in the fall of 2016 on the subject of governance. Among the topics discussed:

  • What qualities make up a good caretaker? How should caretakers be added or removed?
  • What can we do to encourage applications from a diverse group of potential caretakers?
  • How will decisions be made, or disputes resolved?
  • How will technologies be chosen and developed?
  • How will caretakers store their keys?
  • How can we avoid re-centralizing to preserve the organization itself?

We will continue to rely on our caretakers to help get it right.


The IPDB Foundation

The IPDB Foundation is seeking charitable status to promote science and research through its work on realizing the potential of blockchain technology. Its focus is on implementing a decentralized database platform that allows the decentralized, permanent storage of data independent of a central entity, and researching effective governance models for decentralized systems.